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Student helpline

Thu 14 Dec

Do you need someone to talk to at night? The student helpline and chat is open every night, even on weekends.

The number is 116 123 with direct dialing # 3

The number is 116 123 with direct dialing # 3, so that those who need to talk to someone do not have to stand in line at the regular Mental Health helpline.

Night-open phone service

The student helpline is a night-open service by telephone and chat that is a supplement to the health services that already exist on campuses. It is open from 6 pm to 2 am every day; weekdays, weekends and holidays - and is a free, anonymous and nationwide service for all the country's students.

The Student Helpline is a collaboration between the Mental Health Helpline and health personnel at the Student Welfare Organisations of Southeast Norway (SSN) and Agder (SiA), as well as KoRus Sør.

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