Do not let the sadness win!

Wed 04 May

Heavy days? Low on energy? Do not let the sadness win! Maybe you can sort through the sad feelings and use some of the following advice?

The psychologist's nine tips for fighting sadness:

1. Why do you feel sad?

The feeling is trying to tell you something. Maybe you need something else? Take some time to contemplate. What do you need? What can make you feel better?

2. Go for a walk!

Walk fast enough to get the breath and sweat going a bit. Your heart will begin to release endorphins, the happy hormones, and at this point, your dark thoughts will bother you a little less.

3. Search for sunlight!

15 minutes with the sun's heat on your skin. A proper dose of vitamin D will ease your mind and give you a sensation of calmness.

4. Create daily routines!

Body and mind need some fixed frameworks. For many, it is precisely these frameworks that in the long run contribute to a better life. Fixed times for meals, walks, bedtime or other everyday chores.

5. Set goals!

– in a short and long term perspective. It is amazing what reaching a goal one has set can do to the spirit.

6. Eat healthy!

Diet is very important for well-being. You cannot eat yourself into a good mood, but you can avoid intensifying the sadness through too much salt, fat and sugar.

7. Break the insulation!

Set aside time to do things you enjoy or enjoyed doing. Create healthy habits by prioritising activities that bring a sense of meaning and mastery.

8. Do new things!

New impulses create new processes and contribute to the renewal of emotional life and thoughts.

9. Be good to yourself!

Why not? Sad days need small joys. If you focus only on worries, the problems will only get bigger and bigger. Be with friends, go to the movies, or how about a walk in the park?

Talk to someone!

And – perhaps most important of all: Talk about it! With a friend, a family member or with a psychologist/therapist on campus.

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