Healthy food habits that might make you a better student

By Gitte Olesen Anderberg 10. Jan 2023

However, what does healthy food habits really involve? Does it concern nutrition and what produce to choose? Or does it involve the importance of eating a meal together, and to make time to eat? We say YES THANK YOU to both.

Undoubtedly, the nutritional content is of great importance for your body to function the way you want, and there’s a lot of “friendly” advice out there to help you. Usually, it’s recommended that a healthy meal includes vegetables, fruit and berries, coarse grains, and fish. A pinch of salt, sugar and meat and you’re there!

Energy replenishment - also for your mental health

However, wellbeing and satisfaction are two other important ingredients in the description of a healthy meal. A meal can provide you with nutritional energy in addition to a break from your studies. Valuable time to relax without guilt, preferably together with someone.

It’s possible that the people you share a meal with have the exact same thoughts regarding exams as you, and you can advise each other. In that way you strengthen both your physical as well as mental muscles. Yes, you read that correctly – mental muscles!

Because the thing is, healthy food habits like sharing a meal with a friend directly strengthens your immune system and your ability to concentrate.

Pizza vertikalt

Make the meal a meaningful activity together with others. It actually helps you study better!

Your brain needs energy

Did you know that 20% of all the energy that you eat, goes straight to the brain? In order for your brain to function properly, nutritional food and social stimuli is needed.

Try a new recipe

Here you’ll find a recipe that show you how to make affordable and time efficient home cooked food. Instead of spending money on premade meals, cooking your own food can really make a difference in saving. Trying a new recipe involves learning something new, and that itself is good for you.

Remember that cooking is easily combined with other fun activities like listening to music, a podcast, radio, chat with friends or recap of studies. If you share a kitchen with someone else, cooking could be an activity you do together. Or you might experience the joy of giving a dinner invitation to a friend?

Super salad

The super salad is made up of extra nutritious ingredients, so that you stay full longer and are ready to perform at your best!

Invest in your health

Nonetheless, we all have different needs. A healthy balance that gives your body and mind the possibility to function in the best possible way, is the most important as this will empower you during the exam period. However, we guarantee that you’ll have a good experience if you look away from the books and into your fridge or to a friend.

Prioritizing your meals is a clear investment in your health, and therefore also to the rest of your education.

Check out these healthy and smart food-tips for students!

Good for you

This text has received SSN's Good for you stamp, which means that it can contribute to increasing physical and mental health among students.

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Ansatte/Helsefremmende og forebyggende/Gitte Olesen Anderberg, Drammen

Gitte Olesen Anderberg

Counsellor student relations

Gitte is an advisor for student relations in SSN's Department for Health Promotion and Prevention.

She is present at Campus Drammen every day to work to ensure that students have a good and meaningful student life. Gitte has extensive work experience in mental health and health promotion. She has a bachelor's degree in health science and a master's degree in public health science, and has previously worked as a counsellor, milieu therapist and supervisor.