Kroa i Bø is nominated for a big award!

Tue 23 May

– Just to be nominated as Year-round organiser of the year is great fun and a huge pat on the back for us, says a happy Tobias Sørensen (24), chairman of the board at Kroa in Bø.

Nominated in the same category as Parkteateret in Oslo and Hulen in Bergen!

Kroa i Bø is nominated in Arrangørprisen 2023 ("the Organiser Award 2023"), for the award for Year-round organiser of the year.

More than 20 years of awards for event organisers

Norske Kulturarrangører (NKA) has been awarding prizes to its members since 2001. Nominations are made in five different categories:

  1. Year-round organiser of the year

  2. Festival of the year

  3. Newcomer of the year

  4. Moment of the year

  5. Inspiration of the year

Kroa i Bø is nominated in the category Year-round organiser of the year, along with other major venues:

  • Kroa i Bø

  • Parkteatret scene, Oslo

  • Rockeklubben in Porsgrunn

  • Tyven, Trondheim

  • Hulen in Bergen

Has won before

Voting can only be done by members of Norske Kulturarrangører (a bit of a bummer, says Tobias on that matter), and voting ended on 21 May, so it will be exciting to see who walks away with the prize (which is not a physical prize, but an honour). A fun fact is that Kroa i Bø won the award for Concert Organiser of the Year in 2005!

This is what Norwegian cultural organisers have to say about the award Kroa is nominated for this year:

"When we choose the year-round organiser of the year, we look for an organiser who has excelled throughout 2022. We look at the totality of the work the organiser has done during the year. Elements that will be emphasised in the assessment of the nominees are programme, profile, promotion of new talents and efforts that are positive for the local community.

Read more at Norske kulturarrangører.

For students AND the local population in Bøbygda

– We are constantly working to make Kroa more attractive, and concerts are clearly the biggest focus. Kroa is well known and there are not many other concert venues in the area, so we try to book for both our target groups - both students and locals, says chairman Tobias, who himself has just finished his first year of studying for a bachelor degree in cultural management in Bø.

Concert at Kroa i Bø
Excitement among the audience at a concert at Kroa in Bø

The 22-23 academic year has seen a number of big names take to the stage, such as Dagny, Klovner i kamp, Hellbillies, Isah x Dutty Dior, Rotlaus, Arif and many more, as well as a number of stand-up shows, quizzes, podcast recordings and much more.

He says that on average 350-400 people come to their events, but that the largest concerts gives a full house, which means 750.

– We try to bring in a little extra on the concerts, so we can try out other things - like drag quizzes! Then two drag artists came and held a quiz. It was great fun and very well attended, so we want to do that again, says Tobias.

About Kroa i Bø:

  • Established in 1971 and thus turned 50 years old in 2021 (the celebration was held in 2022 due to the pandemic).

  • Concert stage and student centre affiliated with the University of Southeastern Norway (USN). Kroa is located on the Bø campus.

  • It is run as a foundation and is based on students volunteering.

  • As of today, there are approximately 100-150 volunteers at Kroa in Bø.

  • Has room for 750 spectators.

Read more about Kroa i Bø / find Kroa on Facebook.

Being at Kroa makes me happy

– I know it sounds corny, but being at Kroa makes me happy. It simply increases my joy of life, because there is a special sense of community here and only sweet people. I also meet people across my study programme, says the chairman.

Tobias talks about a well-organised rig to recruit new volunteers, and estimates that Kroa have had between 100-150 volunteers in action in the spring semester of 2023.

– We recruit a lot of new people at the Open Day at Kroa, and we also at a stand and talk to people, and we also recruit among people we know. Kroa also has its own Kroa election where we elect the new board, Tobias explains.

– Being a volunteer gives you so much, and yes, it takes time, but it's worth it. I like that there is a lot going on, Tobias concludes.

SSN wishes Kroa good luck with the award and applauds all volunteers for your dedication at Kroa!

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