Student jobs led to new opportunities

Fri 04 Mar

In the spring of 2021, the student organisations received money to hire students who would activate other students. One year later, the student job has led to new opportunities for many of them.

Involved students

Two of them are Karolina Linkyte and Norbert Timar, both visual communication students in Drammen. They are two of 40 students who were employed by the Student Welfare Organisation in Southeast Norway (SSN) in the TimeOut project. Karolina and Norbert, who were hired to work with content production, were already engaged in positions: Karolina as vice president of her student association and Norbert as host in the student housing and as international student assistant. Both applied for the positions as content producers to gain relevant experience, but that was not the only thing that tempted:

- It was a good opportunity to arrange activities for the students without having to worry about where we should get the money, Norbert says.

The activities are listed in the Sørøst-calendar, available in the app Student Sørøst, and online:

The Sørøst-calendar

Socially and professionally relevant

Hundreds of events have been held through TimeOut, and for Karolina and Norbert, one of the best things about the job has been getting to know lots of people.
- We have made many new friends and gotten to know people on several campuses. In addition our work has been very visible and professionally relevant to us. For example, I made the logo for TimeOut, and it has been great to see it on everything from screens and posters to t-shirts, says Karolina.

The efforts of the students have been noticed, and for Karolina and Norbert the job has led to internships; Karolina in the marketing department of SSN and Norbert at the international office at USN. After the internship, Karolina will continue in a temporary position at SSN, while Norbert wants to take a master's degree.
- I asked about the possibilities for internship already in the interview with TimeOut, says Karolina. - It is important to lay the best possible foundation for getting a job later.

- A very positive experience

Although the TimeOut project was a lot of work at times, both Karolina and Norbert are left with a very positive experience.
- It was a very nice experience and can be highly recommended if similar opportunities arise again. On the whole, it is wise to get involved in something other than just the academic at school, even if you may not get paid for it with money, it can provide both useful experience and not least new friends, Norbert says.


In the spring of 2021, the student organizations received grants from the authorities to employ students who were to plan and implement social activities for other students. SSN employed 40 students who formed the TimeOut project. Since then, they have completed hundreds of activities at all of USN's eight campuses and reached thousands of students. The project will end in March 2022.

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