Organisation and Board of Directors

The students are in charge! Five out of nine of SSN's board members are students, elected by the students. This also includes the position as Chairman of the Board.


SSN is an individual legal entity, and is registered under the Brønnøysund register. The primary authority in SSN is the Board of Directors. The board has nine members. Five are elected by the students, two are employees at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), and two are employees at SSN. According to the Norwegian Student Welfare Organisation Act, the students have a right to occupy the role as Chairman of the Board if they so wish.

The CEO is the executive director of the organisation and reports to the board. The organisation, besides the CEO and board, include different areas of expertise that report directly to the CEO.

Members of the board 2020/2021

Chairperson of the Board:

Reidar Skoglund-Jørgensen (student representative)
E-mail: [email protected]

Deputy Chair of the Board:

Board members:

Haydarali Nawrozi (student representative)
Chalak Kadri (student representative)
Aleksander Flaktveit (student representative)
Johnny Thorsen (representative elected by SDSN)
Ingvild Marheim Larsen (employe representative USN
Per Eirik Lund (employee representative USN)
Lisbeth Varpe (employee representative SSN)
Cecilie Grut (employee representative SSN)
Håvar Bettum (deputy student representative)


The Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway has an administration/staff that provides services for the entire organisation. The administration comprises functions relating to personnel management, economy, IT, communications, student relations, HSE and issues to be discussed by the Board of Directors.