Struggling with exam nerves? Feeling stressed?

Wed 20 Apr
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Here are some tips to help you calm down your body and head.

14 ways to beat exam nerves and have a stress-free study life:

  1. Make a plan and set realistic goals for your reading.

  2. Make sure to structure your day.

  3. Focus on what you are doing here and now. Take one thing at a time.

  4. Don’t compare yourself to others.

  5. Avoid reading for too many hours at a time; taking brakes and relaxation are vital for concentration.

  6. Make sure to get enough rest and sleep. This is imperative for the brain’s ability to learn new material.

  7. Eat healthy and regularly; get fresh air every day.

  8. Be social and don’t isolate yourself. Do something pleasurable in between your reading.

  9. Exercise or go for a walk. Physical activity reduces stress and increases the excretion of happiness hormones.

  10. Breathe and relax. Deep, calm breathing reduces stress.

  11. Learn meditation or a relaxation technique and practice it every day.

  12. Protect yourself from fellow students who stress you out.

  13. Focus on knowing that you are doing your very best.

  14. Let go of negative thoughts and have faith in yourself.

Talk to someone!

And – perhaps most important of all: Talk about it! With a friend, a family member or with a psychologist/therapist on campus.

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