Tribute to student volunteering!

By Marilena Aker 1. Dec 2022

"Volunteers contribute to building a better and safer future for us all". Congratulations to all of you who give of your time and get involved!

Dear everyone in SDSN, social and academic students' associations, small-scale initiators, and big organisers: THANK YOU for the work you do!

5 December is the UN's International Volunteer Day. All over the globe, everyone, from heads of state and royalty to athletes and average Jane and Joe, express their appreciation of the efforts of volunteers. We in the student welfare organisation also wish to contribute to the tribute, and direct it especially to you in student volunteering.

You have some of the credit for people successfully completing!

You realise that you are absolutely indispensable for your fellow students’ lives, right? All of Norway's more than 300,000 students have the opportunity to participate in your associations or activities. Every year 50,000 people complete a degree of some kind, and we are confident that you deserve a part of the credit for that.


You support each other academically with colloquium groups, organize subject meetings and exam sessions. You create social meeting arenas, arrange parties and gatherings, you create friendships and match life partners.

You are important in combating loneliness among students

We acknowledge, applaud and salute your efforts! The results of the Students’ Health and Well-Being Surveys (SHoT) in recent years show that many young adults feel lonely to a greater or lesser extent. The corona pandemic has perhaps led to more people feeling left out and struggling to take part in unpredictable social situations. This is where your efforts are extra important! In order to have good mental health, it is important to participate in meaningful activity with others. You make this possible.

We see you

We see the late hours where you clean up after the party. We see all the emails you send with questions about sponsorship. We see all the reports and applications you write, all the tears you wipe, stands you stand on, posters you paint, boxes you carry, telephone calls you dread making, fellow students who fuss. We see the effort you put in.

"Volunteers contribute to building a better and safer future for us all," says the UN website. It is YOU they are talking about! Congratulations!

Interested in volunteering? See all organisations, teams and associations at USN.

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Marilena Aker

Counsellor student relations, Ringerike. Office: C105.

Marilena is a newly employed advisor in SSN in the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention on campus Ringerike. Here she works to ensure that students have a good and meaningful student life.

An important part of Marilena's position is to support student volunteering. In addition, she has worked extensively as a volunteer herself, and is passionate about activity, inclusion and diversity. Marilena is a trained social worker.