Brage Bookstore changes its name to Norli Akademisk

Tue 14 May
Brage Bok/Norli Akademisk/brageblirnordli_ocdveg

On May 1, SSN's chain agreement with Norli starts and our bookstores change their name to Norli Akademisk. The bookstores are still owned by SSN.

Norli Akademisk

Norli is focusing on academic books under the name Norli Akademisk and SSN's own bookshops on six campuses are now changing their names. The name Brage Bok will be phased out and eventually students, staff and other customers will see some profile changes and recognize some of Norli's campaigns in the campus bookstores.

– Norli is now focusing on academic books under the name Norli Akademisk, which means that they will be even better at academic books than they already are. We at SSN's bookstores will work with the syllabus in the same way as before and the physical stores on campus will have exactly the same, good and correct selection for studies at USN and the vocational schools as when we were called Brage Bok. In addition, the online store at will have titles for the same studies, says Toril Bergh Moss, department manager for bookstores at SSN.

– We will also be testing more of Norli's range in the campus stores. A good selection of English paperbacks and board games are product groups we hope and believe that students and staff will appreciate, Toril continues.

Students at the Police University College in Stavern can still buy their curriculum from the bookstore at USN Campus Vestfold.

SSN's bookstores

The Book card is discontinued

Have you used the Book card in the Student Sørøst app? The book card will be discontinued at the beginning of May 2024, but everyone who has used it between August 1, 2023 and May 1, 2024 will receive a discount coupon with a 50% discount on optional items*.

Read more about the discontinuation of the Book card.

*The discount does not apply to new Norwegian books according to the book agreement. The coupon can not be used in Norli's webshop. The discount does not apply to package offers (book packages are already discounted). Books on sale are included, but must cost more than NOK 150. Maximum discount NOK 400,-.

Better student welfare

In a press release from 19.3.2024, SSN announced that we have entered into a new chain agreement with Norli. SSN has previously had an agreement with Akademika.

The agreement improves student welfare in many ways, such as competitive prices, a good online store and improved framework conditions - which in turn will create a healthier operation of the bookstores. SSN still owns the bookstores itself and any profit is returned to operations and services to students.

Norli is the only bookstore with a Trumf bonus!

At Norli, as a Trumf member, you always save a bonus on all books, with the exception of books in Norwegian published in 2023/2024, both hardcover and paperback. You can check the year of publication of a book under "product properties" at, or on one of the first pages of a book.

As a Trumf member you get:

  • 1% Trumf bonus on almost all* items in bookstores.

  • 3% Trump bonus every time there is a Triple Trump.

  • Extra Trumf bonus on selected campaigns.

*As of today, you do not get a Trumf bonus for purchases in Norli's online store. To get a Trumf bonus at Norli, you must use a physical or digital Trumf card, Trumf Visa or Trumf-registered bank card.
**Trumf bonuses are not given on carrier bags, stamps, gift cards, shipping services or on books until one year after launch in accordance with the Book Act.

More about Trumf.


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  • Every 6th card for FREE*.

  • Every 6th pocket for FREE*.

  • Book of the month at a special price.

  • Newsletters, competitions and events.

*Clip cards apply when you shop in store and with click and collect, not for purchases on
**The checkout
remembers your bank card, so you get the bonus item for free when you have purchased 6 items.

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