Legal advice

Thu 16 Dec
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If you are in a situation where you need legal advice, or in worst case a lawyer, luckily there are several organisations students can contact to get help.

Free of charge for students

Everyone can get in situations where you need legal advice. As a student on a tight budget, luckily there is organisations you can seek out to get help for free. You can get advice and counselling for different problems. The most common issues are usually:

  • Rent disputes

  • Employment contracts

  • Break ups

  • Complaints to public bodies, for example NAV

  • Inheritance

  • Cohabitation contract/marriage settlement

Jussbuss and JURK

Jussbuss is a free legal aid clinic run by students. They accept new cases  by phone, personal attendance (in Oslo) or electronic submission. 

JURK (legal counselling for women) is an organization run by law students, that gives free, customized self-help to anyone who defines themselves as women. They provide legal aid by assisting clients in specific cases, and through rights information and political work. If you have a legal question regarding children, family, inheritance, labor, discrimination, social security, housing, immigration cases, debt, violence or imprisonment, please feel free to contact JURK.