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Student and summer job: Grants, loans, tax exemption cards – what exactly applies?

By Karin Slaattelid 7. Jun 2022

What is the current tax exemption card limit? And how much can you really earn to get a full scholarship? The answers can be found here!

If you're a student and you're going to work this summer, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Do you have a tax exemption card?

If not, the limit for a tax exemption card is NOK 65,000 (with an annual income below this amount you will NOT pay tax).

Check that your employer has obtained your tax exemption card. If you earn above the tax exemption card amount, you must pay tax. This applies per year, so if you already have a job and have earned a little in addition to your studies, you need to make sure if you need a tax deduction card. This is easy to fix and can easily be ordered from the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Don't earn too much!

In order to receive a full grant, you cannot earn more than NOK 199,591, if you have received grants and loans for the whole year.

In addition to having to gain a pass in your education, there is also a requirement not to earn too much. You will not lose all of your grant if you earn slightly above the limit, but Lånekassen gradually reduces it according to how much income you have had.

Read more about converting loans to grants, income limits and rules at Lånekassen.


Karin Slaattelid


Karin has worked for students at SSN for over ten years, has an above average interest in private finance and is passionate about teaching how students can make the best financial choices at an early stage.

She has an education in finance, and is responsible for SSN’s free offer of financial advice to students in Southeastern Norway.