Students flock to use app at the University of Southeast Norway

Posted by Fredrik Laland Ekeli Tue 17 Jan

- We have cracked the code on how to attract the young, say the developers.

More than 11,000 of the students are already actively using the Student Sørøst application. This means that approx. 65 percent of the target group that the application targets use it.

– It hits the students in everyday life. With it, they will lock themselves into the student accommodation, they will receive student bonuses when they shop, they will be notified of good offers, they will see the current menu at eateries, and they will be invited to social events, says CEO of Rada Labs, Rasmus Tyrén.

Held a competition and hired the winner

Tyrén and his partner Dan Olsrød started work on the application when they themselves were students at the University of Southeast Norway (USN). Then they organized a competition to create Norway's best student application, before employing the winning team into their own company Rada Labs.

– And there is little doubt that we achieved what was the goal, we have created Norway's best student application. The winners themselves got to take part in the process of developing a solution based on the idea. In the process, we have always used feedback and collaboration with students and young people to create new functionality and improve the existing one in the application. This has been very successful.

The student association has bought in

The Student Association in South-East Norway (SSN) has bought into Rada Labs to ensure technological competence and development. CEO Hans Erik Stormoen sees great potential also outside SSN and USN.

– This is a sunshine story. We see that students download and use the application. We are incredibly happy to be able to offer our students a clear solution that makes it easier to structure everyday life. Now only the imagination sets limits on which other arenas it is desirable to attract young application users to, says Stormoen.

The Student Sørøst app can be downloaded in the AppStore and Google Play.