Privacy statement - SSN student housing

Fri 26 Nov

This is additional information about how SSN collect, process and protect the personal data SSN residents and of persons applying for student housing.

Access control 

We have various access systems for our student accommodation and some have electronic key cards. Where we have electronic key cards, our access system providers have access to your personal data. 

This is in order to identify the owner of the card and to ensure a secure and functional access system. Examples of personal data that are processed are your name, personal identification number and email address.  

At present, data is exchanged between the key card system and the accommodation system, which means that when data is deleted in one of the systems, both systems are updated.

Cleaning and maintenance service 

When you report a fault in your accommodation or when the landlord discovers that maintenance work is required in your accommodation, our service providers/cleaners/maintenance providers are given access to your name and contact details. This is necessary so that they can contact you if needed.  


When you use a washing machine or dryer in one of our laundry facilities using a laundry card, we record the time you start the washing machine/dryer, as well as which laundry facility you have used. This is necessary in order to provide error correction and technical maintenance. Your laundry card is connected to your SSN Bolig customer number, which means that the laundry services provider is unable to connect the card to you as an individual.  

Debt Collection 

The debt collection company we use is given the following information about you: name, contact details, date of birth, account number, invoice number and amount. 

Security services (locked out/sporadic security patrols) 

Our provider of security services has access to which tenants live at which addresses, as well as details of any cohabitants. This is necessary in order for us to ensure the security of our student accommodation and to enable us to provide our tenants with access to their accommodation if they are locked out outside our opening hours.  

If you call the security phone, which is manned by the security services provider, and security is called out, we will receive a report about the call out. This report may include personal data such as your name, contact details and date of birth, as well as a description of what your inquiry/the call out concerned.  


If you contact our Internet service provider due to a fault, the provider will contact us if we need to make improvements to your accommodation. This report may contain personal data such as your name and contact details. This is necessary in order for us to rectify the error.