Finally, the student house in Rauland is complete!

Thu 25 Jan

Nestled between the University building and student residences, the newly completed student house in Rauland marks a significant milestone for the students of the region.

Stubben student house is ready!

From New Year 2024, the students in Rauland can start using their brand-new student house. The house is located between the University building and student residences in Rauland, with a short distance between the buildings.

The Student Welfare Organisation of South-Eastern Norway (SSN) will take over the building from contractor Skorve A/S on December 6, 2023.

– We are very proud of both the new student residences in Rauland, which we opened earlier this year, and the new fantastic student house. These are both modern and sustainable buildings, says the managing director of SSN, Hans Erik Stormoen.


The student house will accommodate student associations, and it has a large event space that everyone can rent. Both the municipality and SSN have contributed to the construction of the building.

– This is a joint effort. We are very happy that the students in Vinje now have a great facility, says the mayor of Vinje, Jon Rikard Kleven.

He is delighted.

– This is important both to strengthen Rauland's position as a university town and to provide our residents with the opportunity to use a completely modern facility.

The party room in the student house has a parquet floor that has been chosen specifically for dancing. The remaining material choices have also been made so that the room can be used for dance and music.

Students take ownership

Students have already decided to name the house "Stubben." The future of the house is being actively discussed by students, SSN, and the campus board.

– There is great interest in both the interior, name, and use. It's wonderful to see that such a traditional and important campus as Rauland is now coming together around its new, fantastic space, concludes Stormoen.

The student house contains a kitchen, toilet and several offices in addition to the banquet hall.

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