Get your books from us

The Student Welfare Organisation has bookstores on three campuses in South-Eastern Norway: On Campus Vestfold, Campus Ringerike and Campus Kongsberg. Welcome!

We have vast experience of the academic literature you need for your studies, and we make an effort to provide the best service to students, teachers and employees at the University of South-Eastern Norway. We have academic literature and books for all the syllabuses at USN and the technical college Tinius Olsen. The bookstores on campus are also open to all other customers.

At Brage bookstore, you will find:

  • All the academic literature you need.
  • Syllabus packages for numerous study programmes, in conjunction with the start of term.

  • Stationery, pens and pencils.

Please download the app "Akademika-app" to receive great offers and to get 50% off every fifth book you buy*. If you used to have the app "Bok på Campus", your points will automatically transfer, as long as you still have the same phone number. 

*The discount is not valid for new Norwegian books according to the book agreement. The discount is not valid for books or packages of books that are already discounted. Max discount NOK 400.