Tips for saving money when you are a student

There is an app for almost everything! Here we have gathered some smart apps that can be helpful when the economic situation is tight. Also read our eco-friendly saving tips!

Sparetips til studentøkonomien

Smart apps to help you in your everyday life

Some have already been thinking bright thoughts, and it can be helpful to bring in an app or tree:

Vipps Vipps

... is an app from DnB which is for everyone. Here you can transfer money to each other in a simple way, especially the "oppgjør" (settlement) function is good to use to get money if you have posted something. Great to use if you share a flat with someone and don't want to be the one always asking for money for toilet paper.

  E-tilbudsavis eTilbudsavis-appen

... former known as Mattilbud, is an app that provides an overview of all campaigns and sales offers at the grocery stores (and many other store as well) in the area of your choice.

Too Good To Go
Too Good To Go

... is an app that gives you a list of surplus food in your area, available to a low cost, but with an high impact on the environment!



Ynab YNAB (You Need a Budget)

... ... is an app where you can set up a budget and get a nice overview of your own finances, available on your phone at all times.

But setting up a budget in Excel can be just as simple and straightforward - and not to forget free.

AND - do not forget to make use of the membership progammes of the various grocery chain stores:

  • Trumf: Gives you both bonus and membership offers with discounts (based on often bought groceries). Applies to the chain stores Joker, Kiwi, Meny and Spar.

    Trumf-bonus can also be acquired with other stores, such as Shell, Esso and Mester Grønn. Remember to register your bank card in the membership so that you save automatically when you shop. It's free to become a Trumf member.
  • Rema 1000: Æ: Gives you 10% on fruits and vegetables as well as 10% on the 10 items you shop most often. Membership is free.
  • Coop-membership: Gives you 11% bonus on fruit and vegetables in Coops stores, as well as lots of relevant coupon offers. You also get discounts from several shops other than grocery stores. You pay NOK 300 in "co-deposit," but get that money back if you want to unsubscribe.

Remember SSN's offers on your campus!

We offer three different discount cards in our eateries:

SSNs fordelskort Breakfast card ("Frokostkort"):

You pre-pay NOK 290 for 12 breakfasts, which means you get two breakfasts for free (one breakfast is NOK 29).

Coffee card ("Kaffekort"):

You pre-pay NOK 120 for 12 cups of coffee. One cup is NOK 12 for students, which means you get two cups for free.

Dinner card ("Middagskort"):

This card gives you the tenth dinner for free, when you have filled the nine previous tickets with dinners for minimum NOK 59.

You get all our benefit cards in our eateries.

Other good - and environmentally friendly - tips:

  • Choose to reuse. It is environmentally friendly and usually provides a lower cost that fits a student's wallet perfectly.
  • Swap groups. You can, without spending a single penny, swap something you no longer need, to something you want.
  • Clean up and sell what you don't need on Finn, Facebook, Tise, etc. Fewer assets provide better overview, peace of mind, more space and more joy (because others get to enjoy the things that you really didn't need).
  • Use your legs! Cycle, walk, jog! Save money and the environment, and get fit at the same time!
  • Student discount. There are many offers for students if you present your student certificate. Remember to ask!

By the way! Have you paid for a visit to the doctor, physiotherapist, dentist etc.? You may be eligible for a medical expense refund with SSN!