Webinar about procrastinating

Wed 01 Mar

Are you a little too good at procrastinating? Join our popular webinar on procrastination and learn how to break the "vicious cycle"!

Do you want to procrastinate less?

Are you someone who constantly procrastinates? Do you often change your original plan and come up with other things? Maybe you're even lagging behind in your studies because of all the procrastination? You are not alone! We therefore welcome all students in South-East Norway to a webinar on procrastination.

An important point is that procrastination is "unwanted", and that the majority of us would like to procrastinate less. Have you perhaps received tips on making a plan for the day? Between 40-60% of all students will never follow the plan they have made. Don't despair: There are solutions!

Courses 2023:

  • 11 January 2023 at 12.00 - 1.30 pm / with Katarina and Jeanette (closed)

  • 8 Mars 2023 2 pm - 3.30 pm / with Katarina og Jeanette. Register here!

Info about the webinar:

  • We give you insight into what procrastination is really about.

  • You get a bunch of useful advice.

  • You will receive a link to the Teams meeting in an email after registration.

  • Registration is binding and takes place in the Sørøst calendar.

  • A survey shows that 88% of those who have taken part in this webinar manage to make good changes!

  • Afterwards, you will be sent a brochure with all the good advice from the webinar.

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