Help! I'm speaking! (Campus Vestfold)

Mon 13 Feb

Uncomfortable speking in front of many people? Join the course and learn to cope with fear!

(NB. Course will be held in Norwegian.)

Do you want to become more confident in speaking in front of groups?

There are many people who experience a lot of discomfort when speaking in front of a group, for example by trembling, sweating, blushing or fear of losing focus.
The course will help you to better cope with this fear. The course runs over three days and will teach how to work with the problem and practical training on speaking in front of others.

See course dates and register in the Sørøst calendar

The first course series of the year is ready and it will be Help! I´m speaking-course 15 March. Registration is soon up in the Sørøst-calendar.

The Sørøst-calendar

Do you have questions about the course, or are you unsure whether this will be for you? Contact the course instructor at [email protected]