Hotdog party in the common room

Due to uncertain weather, we move the barbecue at Borrestranda to the Common Room at Klokkegården.

We have several hundred sausages with accessories, and distribute until it's empty 🌭🥤☕🍰

We have some arranged programs, board games and outdoor games, but most of all just talking 🙂 Come and get to know new people!

At 3:30pm, we light the fire pit and start grilling as we approach 4pm.

If you have special needs for what you can eat, let us know as soon as possible.
If you want something to put on the grill, you are more than welcome to do so 🌞.

Reminds that all events for StudentTreff are drug-free 🌞

Welcome new and old 🔥


Friday 19. Aug, 15:30 -




50 pcs