Language Adventure - Free Waffles & Coffee

🌍🗣️ Join us for a Language Adventure every Wednesday! 🗣️🌍Are you eager to embark on a linguistic journey, explore new horizons, and make friends from around the world? Look no further! Our weekly Language Cafe is the perfect destination for both Norwegians and international students to immerse themselves in a world of languages, cultures, and delightful conversations.🗓️ When and Where: Every Wednesday from 14 - 15 o'clock at ÅTTE Café and Bar.

What's on the Menu?🇪🇸 Spanish🇫🇷 French🇳🇴 Norwegian🇩🇪 German🇮🇹 Italian...and many more!
At our Language Cafe, you can:🗨️ Practice Speaking: Engage in casual conversations in your target language with a partner or a group of native speakers. Improve your fluency and build confidence in your speaking skills. After a while, it's your turn to teach them your native language, e.g., Norwegian! 🎲 Games and Fun: Challenge yourself with special board games designed to enhance your language skills while having a blast. Learning has never been this entertaining!☕ Free Coffee and Waffles: Enjoy complimentary coffee and delectable waffles as you bond with fellow language lovers. It's the perfect fuel for your linguistic journey.🌎 Connect Globally: Break down barriers, make new friends from diverse backgrounds, and expand your cultural horizons. Join us at the Language Cafe, where the world comes together through words, and every Wednesday is a mini adventure. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, laugh, and experience the beauty of language and culture. See you there! 🌟🗺️🗨️🌐 #LanguageCafeWednesdays


Wednesday 6. Dec, 14:00 - 15:00


ÅTTE Kaffe og Bar


20 pcs