Course about feelings

Do you find emotions confusing and chaotic?

Our way of handling emotions affects both our own psyche and the relationships with those around us. Sahana from SSN Health teaches us more about this through talks, films, tasks and reflection.
The course is basically suitable for everyone, but will be held in Norwegian! It will help you who find it difficult to understand or deal with emotions - whether you have little contact with emotions or if you find that they easily become overwhelming.

➡️ What are emotions and what is their function
➡️ What is the difference between useful and useless emotions
➡️ What is your emotional style
➡️ How do we meet our own and other people's feelings in a good way
➡️ How to handle overwhelming emotions

The course runs over three sessions, where you must participate on all days:
1️⃣ Wednesday 1 February at 14.15-15.45
2️⃣ Wednesday 8 February at 14.15-15.45
3️⃣ Wednesday 15 February at 14.15-15.45

You sign up by sending course instructor Sahana an e-mail to [email protected]. Please mark the e-mail with "Course about emotions".

If you have any questions, struggle to find the meeting room or something prevents you from participate, please get in touch!


Wednesday 8. Feb, 14:15 - 15:45


USN, klasserom 12.17


15 pcs