Concert: Kvað - Juledrøm // ÅTTE

The duo Kvað is holding a Christmas concert with beautiful songs and big dreams at ÅTTE this Friday in December.
Kvað is a duo with the same geographical origin who chose to go in two completely different directions with their music.
Today, they combine jazz music and folk music in a new and exciting way.

Yuledrøm takes us through an evocative Christmas story about what musicians dreamed of for Christmas from the time they were small and provided the entertainment at home in the living room until today on the country's stages.
The dream that went in American dreams and dreams that went in a thousand crunches.
Both American Christmas classics and Norwegian modern Christmas carols will be heard this evening.

Kvað consists of jazz guitarist Brynjar Bøe and folk singer Sarah Lamø.
CC 150,- / 100,- (student)


Friday 2. Dec, 20:00 -




70 pcs
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