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Welcome to Trimius' climbing group!

We are a group of students who like everything from bouldering to rope climbing, and we do a bit of everything.
If you become a member of Trimius, you can then borrow harnesses, helmets, slings, carabiners, ropes and crashpads for each organized climbing session (NB! We do not have any climbing shoes).
You can be in the same area as us to climb, but to be able to borrow equipment, and in addition be secured by us in the climbing group, you must be a member.

We want to climb outside for as long as the weather allows, then we will either use a hall in Kongsberg, or travel to the "Klatreverket" in Drammen.
Events will be posted at Facebook continuously as an assessment is made of the weather before we decide the place, thus it is often not an facebook event until just a few days before.
However it will usually always be on Mondays between 17 and 19.

We do not have a fixed location we climb, so stay tuned on facebook to stay up to date on where it is happening!


Monday 4. Apr, 17:00 - 19:00


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