Rest - everything we gain by no doing

Lecture and relaxation with author and yoga instructor Siw Aduvill in the bookstore.
Siw has written the book "Rest -everything we gain by not doing " (Tiden 2019), which highlights the benefits of resting.
Siw : In a reality where many people experience negative stress, when we focus more on what we want MORE of, we can get our brain and nervous system on board. It turns out to be more effective than talking about the harmful effects of prolonged stress, which ironically can affect us in the opposite direction. This is a project that promotes rest, based on research, culture and traditions, social analyses and personal observations. I visit institutions, workplaces and organizations, and talk about the excellences of rest + facilitating social rest! The feedback is that it is fun and enjoyable to relax with other people - like a big "slumber party" - and that highlighting the research benefits of resting provides motivation to set aside time for this that is so easy and difficult at the same time.
Duration: Lecture 30 min, followed by 20 min led relaxation.
NOK 100,-


Saturday 30. Sep, 11:00 -


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