Ready for the most awesome show of the year in Bø?
It was SOLD OUT and top atmosphere the last time Norwegian eliteWRESTLING was at Samfundet in Trondheim and during Uken in Bergen.
Friday February 3rd will finally be wrestling at Viko in Bø!
Wrestling is action-orientated sports entertainment where some of the main ingredients are bumps and falls, suspense and humor.
The entertainment phenomenon is popular all over the world, and this evening Kroa i Bø will be transformed into a wrestling arena where several of the best, toughest and most colorful wrestlers in Norway will meet in a series of spectacular and exciting matches.
This will be a golden opportunity to experience wrestling live and up close!
At wrestling shows, you are allowed to let loose, cheer on and cheer for the favorites, boo out the less sympathetic wrestlers and, not least, be amazed by the athletic skills of the wrestlers.
The interaction between the wrestlers and the audience creates a unique atmosphere that can only be experienced live.
Norwegian eliteWRESTLING promises an unforgettable show experience that you don't want to miss.

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Friday 3. Feb, 21:00 - 23:59


Kroa i Bø
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