Daufødt // Kroa I Bø

Daufødt has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the Norwegian rock scene.
Daufødt is about both musical and physical transgression: a Daufødt show is a violent release of decibels and energy, while the music is all about tearing down both physical and figurative constructions.
Half of Daufødt’s sound is firmly based in punk, while the other half is roaming around, smashing into noise rock, free improvisation and every dark corner of the underground imaginable. Their debut album 1000 Island (2020) won the Norwegian Spellemann award for rock album of the year, and was followed by extensive touring in Norway and Denmark in 2021.
In 2022 Daufødt is releasing their second album Aromaterapi, and with the help from producer and noise - guru Lasse Marhaug push the limits of punk music and achieve their ultimate goal: no listener should ever feel safe.
ID: 18 (lay duty)


Friday 25. Nov, 20:00 -


Kroa i Bø
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