Isah x Dutty Dior x Bianca // Kroa I Bø

Isah and Dutty Dior have released bangers on opposite sides, but broke through with the megahit "Hello" in 2019 that has rounded 26 million streams and has just sold 4 x platinum.
Isah released his debut EP "cotton candy & headache" in 2019, and after the summer of 2022 Isah drops his debut album.
Dutty Dior released his debut EP "BHD" the same year and has since released groundbreaking projects such as "Chaotic Elegance", "London" and several collaborative projects.
Now is the album "It's less lonely alone" out and the artist is looking forward to showing a whole new side of himself.
Bianca is SDKT Entertainment's newest star, and makes bangers in Norwegian and is one to keep your eyes on.
Now she's making songs with SDKT's house producers Pluto and Mads Brodin.
In June, she released the EP Bianca, which includes "Marilyn" with Dutty Dior as a guest.
She received excellent reviews during last year's by:Larm performances, and looks forward to releasing more bangers in 2022.
ID: 18 (lay duty)


Saturday 19. Nov, 20:00 -


Kroa i Bø
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