Chic & Choc

Hey Everyone, 🤘
Do you remember the last party in Grivi? What do you think about doing the same as last time? 🤓
We are close to November which means that exams period is starting so let’s enjoy it one last time before. « Winter is coming 🥶 ».
💃🧦 Dress code : Chic and Choc 🕶️🕺
The main idea is simple : wear a nice clothes or dress (As if you want to date someone) BUT with one WTF element (but at the same time you just want to chill). It could be one detail like elegant dress but with flip flops.
As always fire on the dancefloor, games and beer pong will be waiting for you ! This is everything you need to have a good time ! 🎉❤️‍🔥
👉 Preparty : 20.30
👉 Party : 21.30
Everyone is welcome, internationals and Norwegians! So bring your friends, your flatmates and your alcohol (if you want to drink, of course !) 🍻💥 See you on Saturday ! 🥳


Saturday 22. Oct, 20:30 -