Klovner i Kamp // Kroa i Bø

Klovner i Kamp is coming to Bø 24. September!!
Klovner i Kapm was started in 1994, and the band was put on ice in 2006.
But in the years that followed, the music continued to spread to new generations of fans.
In 2013, the "clowns" were supposed to play a "one night only" at Sentrum Scene, but the tickets went so fast that two extra concerts had to be staged.
In recent years, Klovner i Kamp have played a select group of concerts all over the country, and everywhere clowns go there are full houses, full people and an abundance of love.
ID: 18 (lay duty)


Saturday 24. Sep, 21:00 -


Kroa i Bø
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