Food and craft market Norwegian Apple Festival 2022

Welcome to The Norwegian Apple Festival 2022 in the fruit capital Gvarv

We are looking forward to another market day at Gvarv, this gong Saturday on September 24th.

Open church at Nes at 10.00: Music and lyrics by Johannes Sundsvalen, Bruno Hageman and Ivar Solbu.

Apple walk at 10.30 on fertile trails and fruit hagar: Nes church - Aslaksborg by Norsjø - Galleri Nyhuus - Tinghaug - Gvarv school - Gvarv center.
Art experiences and fruitful dining along the trail. Road vision: Inger Lise Eriksrud Bergan with the women's strip in Sauherad sports club.

Market day 11.00-16.00 at Gvarv station with 50 stalls. See the exhibit list in the "discussion field" below.
The Core House/Sauherad Volunteer Center is open with various goodies on the menu; with homemade pea soup, flatbread, coffee, swallows and good cakes.
Come and enjoy delicious hot food in the nice weather.
The event is free! There will also be an open art gallery and an open farm shop.


Saturday 24. Sep, 11:00 -


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