Wasim Zahid -The secret to a long and happy life

The secret of a long and happy life - Lecture with Wasim Zahid.
The lecture discusses how to live a long life without diseases and ailments!
What science says and what we've learned from studying people who stay healthy for a long time.
The importance of physical and mental health, as well as good social relationships.
Wasim Zahid is a Norwegian doctor specializing in internal medicine and cardiology.
He has a PhD in ultrasound of the heart.
Wasim is popular and active on social media, where he has been involved in public education for many years.
He has written several health books and is known from the TV program "What's wrong with you".
In addition to lectures, you can meet various actors in Gullbring cultural center who would like to have a chat about public health both before and after the lecture!


Wednesday 21. Sep, 19:00 -


Gullbring kulturhus
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