Peralta & DJ PRETTYBOI GOV // Kroa i Bø

This evening, the T-Festival represents a funky sweaty evening with a good atmosphere!!
There will be a concert with Peralta and DJ PRETTYBOI GOV at Kroa!
PERALTA is an Oslo-based rock band, started in 2019. Composed of musicians who embrace many different genres of music, PERALTA has ended up as a melting pot where being "genre confused" is seen as a positive thing.
PERALTA takes the stage at 22:00

From touring both Norway and Europe with Pasha, to making countless dance floors boil within ring 3, to standing on the main stage at Slottsfjell with NMG, to warming up for legends like Karpe Diem, Arif and Ferrari, it's safe to say that Prettyboi Gov has proven that he is a DJ who knows the people.
So Gov has a special ability to keep the floor hot until the last lager.
So when his name is written on the poster, you can be sure it will be an evening worth remembering.
DJ GOV goes on after the concert.


Saturday 17. Sep, 21:00 -


Kroa i Bø
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