Deadline: Health expense refund

Get money back for health expenses
Have you had out of pocket expenses related to seeing a doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, psychologist, or similar?
If so, you can get parts of these expenses refunded!

Financial support
If you as a student have large expenses related to healthcare/dental health that is not covered by public health services, you can apply for financial reimbursement from SSN.
Every year we contribute around NOK 1.2 million in health-related refunds to “our” students.

Two annual deadlines
The academic year is divided into two semesters: autumn and spring.
Once a semester is completed, the deadline for applying for reimbursements in that semester is met.
You do not need to wait until the deadline; you can send your application when the expense occurs.

Health reimbursement deadlines
Spring semester: August 1st in the same year (for expenses from 1.1 – 30.6).
Autumn semester: February 1st in the subsequent calendar year (for expenses from 1.7 – 31.12).


Thursday 1. Feb, 23:59 -


All campus
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