Webinar about procrastination (in Norwegian)

Are you constantly procrastinating? Do you often change your original plan and do other things? 🥴 Maybe you are struggling keeping up with the studies because of all the postponements?
You are not alone! Therefore, we welcome all students in Southeast Norway to a webinar on procrastination.

An important point is that procrastination is "undesirable", and that the majority of us want to postpone less. You may have received tips on making a plan for the day? Between 40-60% of all students will never follow the plan they have made. Do not despair: there are solutions! 🥳

About the webinar:

⚪ We give you insight into what procrastination is really about.
⚪ You get a bunch of useful advice.
⚪ You will receive a link to the Teams meeting by e-mail after registration.
⚪ Registration is binding.
⚪ If you can not participate, you must contact the course instructor directly by e-mail: [email protected]
⚪ A survey shows that 88% of those who have participated in this webinar before are able to make good changes!

You will be sent a file with all the advice we come across after the webinar😊

Hope to see you!


Wednesday 9. Nov, 12:00 - 13:30


All campus
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