Media story about deposit and interest on late payment does not apply to SSN

Posted by Fredrik Laland Ekeli Tue 17 Jan
Ansatte/Hans Erik/hans_erik_stormoen_horisontal-2921_tgwesl

After several media cases about students being entitled to refunded deposits and interest on late payment from student welfare organisations, the Student Welfare Organisation in South-East Norway (SSN) wants to inform you that this case does not apply to us.

Our tenants are not affected

We are not one of the student associations mentioned in this case, as we have not taken a deposit from the students since 2008. Neither our current nor former tenants are therefore affected by the aforementioned practice.

– We believe that we have solved this in a very good way by introducing good routines and working with the problem, says managing director Hans Erik Stormoen (pictured).

He says that there can be challenges with international students traveling home, which the welfare organisation stuggle to get in touch with. But SSN has a careful follow-up before moving out, so that students do not leave their accommodation with defects. In the event of non-payment, the case goes to debt collection after two weeks.

See SSN's allocation criteria and the contents of the lease.