Training and student sports - Drammen

The Student Welfare Organisation runs the sports centre Moov in Drammen. The sports centre is at walking distance from USN and from the city centre. Students pay less than half price!

15 March: Moov is now unfortunately closed due to stricter covid restrictions in the municipality.


MOOV sports centre is in the same building as our student accommodation at Moov-in, just a one-minute walk from Papirbredden Knowledge Centre. MOOV was built in 2008, and has great sports facilities suitable for all. You can exercise independently in the gym using various exercise equipment or you can use the free-weight section. You can also have guidance sessions with one of the centre's skilled training guides or with a personal trainer.

If you want, you can join different group sessions in the aerobics room or spinning room. There is a kinesis room that is available for all members all year. Both the men's and women's locker rooms have a sauna and a steam sauna. There is a separate section for children where one of the centre's employees looks after children and keeps them active while you are exercising.

MOOV uses a Wellness-system, which means that you are given a digital key, where your training is planned in cooperation with the sports centre's fitness instructors. You can save training programmes on the key. When you put the key into the different exercise equipment, you will see the number of repetitions and sets, and what exercise is next on your programme. You can also monitor your workouts from home through a log-in page on the Internet.

MOOV also has a café where you can buy various training related products; energy bars and energy drinks, smoothies, home-baked products, coffee, tea, etc.

Go to MOOV's website to read more and to become a member (currently this site is only in Norwegian).