Brage Book and coffee

August 4th it happens! SSN has taken over Norli's bookstore premises, and is not only opening a bookstore here, but a SSN service desk and - tamtatata: A COFFESHOP! Welcome to Brage Book and coffee :)

Bok og kaffe

Curriculum, coffee and service

Brage Book and coffee at Papirbredden in Drammen has both textbooks, everything you need for stationery and notebooks, gift items and some fiction. In addition, you get tasty coffee here! SSN's service office is also moving into the same room, so here you can beat many birds with one stone when you drop by :)

We look forward to meeting you from August 4th! Welcome!

See our opening hours.

Visiting address:

Greenland 58, 3045 Drammen (Papirbredden 1)