Free financial advise to students

There can be a lot to keep track of, with student loans, rent and payment of bills, in addition to everything else to be mastered. As a student you can get free economic advice from SSN! We can help you set your money issues straight!

Help! What do I do with money and everything?

We have a pot of money. We all use them differently. For some, food is the most important, for others it is clothing, travel or exercise. Common to all is that we want the money to last until the next payday or payment from Lånekassen (The State Education Loan Fund, Norway).

Having control over your own money helps to create security, reduce stress and improve the quality of life.

Book an appointment with SSN's financial advisor and get help to put everything in system, create a budget and get peace of mind. Then you gain power and capacity for everything else that is important in your life and can focus fully on your studies!

We can meet for a chat at Zoom!

The offer is free of charge and an appointment lasts for half an hour. 

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