Our profit goes back to you!

When you buy your lunch at one of our canteens, live in our student accommodation, send kids to our student kindergartens or buy your books in one of our bookstores, you contribute to better services for both current and future students in South-East Norway.


The Student Welfare Organisation does not have a greedy owner at the top of the value chain, taking a dividend on our profit. All our profit goes straight back to providing better services to the students.

Our main goal is not to make a large profit, but to maintain a healthy economy to provide the best services to the students of South-East Norway.

How do we finance our operations?

The Student Welfare Organisation's operations are financed in different ways, in addition to the direct profit we make from our different areas of business:

  • The semester fee contributes to financing important services for students.
  • The campuses where we are represented sponsor us with free premises.
  • We receive financial support from the Norwegian government.
  • We apply to the authorities for grants to build new student accommodation.

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