The Israeli-Palestinian conflict | UN Students

Welcome to our UN student meeting on the 4th of April at 16.15! 🌍
The meeting will be held at room U2502.
On this meeting the topic will be the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
We are glad to welcome international law expert Cecilie Hellestveit and human rights student Ola Jamal Alrantisi from Palestine.
Cecilie Hellestveit is a norwegian scientist, lawyer and an international law expert. 🌿

We will focus on:
• The background for the conflict
• The conflict in the light of international law
• Human rights violations
• How the UN has tried to resolve the conflict and what is blocking a possible solution
• A personal story will also be shared from a Palestinian student who has experienced the conflict herself

At the end of the meeting we will have a discussion, where we will reflect on the conflict. 🌿
Food will also be served at the meeting! The meeting is open for all students, so bring a friend and join! 😄🌎
Hope to see many of you there! ☺️🌿


mandag 4. apr, 15:15 -




45 stk
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