Coffee Hour @ Alimento

Get ready to add a dash of warmth and camaraderie to your campus life! The campus cafeteria is where the magic happens every (or nearly every, some exceptions in the dates) Tuesdays, from 16:00 to 18:00.

It's time for our Coffee Hour Event, the much-anticipated weekly gathering that promises much more than a caffeine fix. As an international student, you're in for a treat! The event is a
delightful blend of socialization, relaxation, and cultural exchange. And the best part? The servings are free! Savour the robust, bold flavor of freshly brewed black coffee, a universally loved beverage that's bound to invigorate your senses and energize your conversations. In this welcoming environment, there's ample room to chat and network with fellow students, faculty, and the diverse community at our university. From casual conversations to engaging debates, the topics here are as varied as the nations our students hail from.

Curiosity piqued? Got a burning question about campus life, your courses, or the city? Feel free to ask! This is your space for open dialogue, for exploring new perspectives, and for finding answers. But it's not all talk and coffee. For those who prefer the tactile pleasure of moving pieces on a board, we have a collection of exciting board games. Challenge your new
friends to a round of chess, strategize in Settlers of Catan, or enjoy the classic fun of Scrabble. It's the perfect ice-breaker and a wonderful way to build connections.

Our Coffee Hour Event is not just an event but an experience - a weekly ritual that brings together the global family at our university. It's the perfect blend of stimulating conversations, shared laughter over board games, and the comforting aroma of black coffee. So, come along, and let's make Tuesdays the highlight of your week!


tirsdag 5. mar, 16:00 - 18:00


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