Day trip to Sweden

On Saturday March 25th StudentTreff is having a day trip to Sweden. The number of people who can join depends on how many cars we get. Those who sign up first are the first to be prioritized if there are more people than seats. We meet at Bakkenteigen at 9 am and are back at school at 11 pm. Registration for the trip takes place here: takes 30 minutes to drive to Sandefjord. Color Line uses 2,5 hours from Sandefjord to Strömstad. We'll find a place to eat lunch together in Strömstad before we split up in groups: Some will check out the city, some the nature and some will go shopping at Nordby shopping center. The cost for ferry and fuel will be maximum 200 kr. We'll know the exact price when we close registration on March 20th. Welcome to a different hangout!


lørdag 25. mar, 09:00 -


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