How are you - honestly?

In March 2021, all students in Norway will have the opportunity to answer this. You will receive a survey called SHoT. The SHoT survey aims to gather information and insight on how your health and well-being is, and how it has been throughout this past year.

The survey is closed

The results were offical on 26 April 2021. More than 3000 students in Southeast-Norway replied to SHoT 2021.

Read more about the results here (in Norwegian only).

SHoT - Students' health and well-being survey

The SHoT survey 2021 will be running March 1st - April 5tht 2021, and international students are welcome to respond. The respons is conducted anonymously and without the requirement of login through BankID or the like.

Enter the SHoT-2021 survey via this link.

We urge you to embrace this opportunity to "report" how you feel! It is on the basis of YOUR feedback that we who work with student health and well-being, can develop even better offerings that suit today's students.

Win 5000 kroner!

We at SSN want as many of the students associated with us as possible to respond to the SHoT survey. Therefore, as a student affiliated with SSN, you get the opportunity to participate in the drawing of a fairly decent prize if you respond to SHoT 2021. We draw five gift cards worth NOK 5000, - among those of "our" students who have responded to the survey. In addition, a corresponding prize is deducted at a national level. In other words, there are a total of 10 cash prizes of NOK 5000,- in the pot, and you who are affiliated with SSN, have extra chances of winning ;)

You are automatically affiliated with SSN if you have paid semester fees to USN, The Technical School in Vestfold / Telemark, The Technical School Tinius Olsen in Kongsberg or the Police Academy in Stavern.

All you have to do to enter the draw is respond to the survey before the deadline!

About SHoT:

SHoT is the Students' health and well-being survey, and is normally conducted every four years. The previous survey was conducted in 2018 with over 50,000 responses. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health conducts SHoT on behalf of the three largest student  welfare organizations in Norway (SiO, Sammen and SiT).

SHoT aims is to map students' health and well-being in a broad sense, with the main emphasis on psychosocial conditions. This year's survey is an additional survey to capture how students are doing during the pandemic.

Read more about SHoT at (Norwegian website only).