"Drop-in" for a conversation with a psychologist or therapist

SSN Health's important call service for students is now even more accessible. Every afternoon from Monday to Thursday, you do not need an appointment to talk digitally with a professional.

It IS good to talk to someone. The drop-in offer is a measure to help you as a student to "ease the pressure", without having to book an appointment in advance. It can be with this one appointment, or we can set up several appointments.

Low-threshold service

Kristin Maute, psykolog- Our call offer is already a low-threshold offer where we offer appointments quickly, and with the drop-in offer we become even more accessible. We have always had a drop-in-service on the phone, but now we formalize it and set aside an hour every afternoon for such conversations, explains Kristin Maute, who is a psychologist at SSN Health.

SSN Health has experienced psychologists and therapists on all of USNs campuses who are conducting the drop-in conversations.

Broken heart, loneliness, exam nerves, anxiety, corona ... you can talk to our therapists about anything. 

Call for a digital drop-in conversation:

SSN Health offers drop-in conversations every afternoon,  Monday-Thursday from 12-12.30pm. You can choose whether you wish to drop by the office or call us.

You can find the office locations and phone numbers to your local SSN therapists by choosing you campus in the menu, and scroll a bit :-)

You can book the first ordinary appointment for a conversation with SSN Health via the appointment button on ssn.no.