Veslekroa student kindergarten

The student kindergarten aims to provide your child with safe and first-rate educational daycare services. We also focus on adapting our services to the needs of the students.


Veslekroa student kindergarten offers:

  • Wonderful location close to the centre of Bø and the campus.
  • Our closest neighbours are "Kroa i  Bø", the University college sports grounds, Bøhaugen forest and Gullbring cultural facilities.
  • We moved into new and modern facilities in August 2013.
  • We have two departments for children aged 0-3 years and 2-6 years.
  • Our staff consists of a pedagogical director, a pre-school teacher and two assistants in each department.
  • Our kindergarten shares premises and co-operates closely with Bøhamna kindergarten.
  • These kindergartens share outdoor grounds, certain rooms indoors and have the same director. 
  • Areas of special commitment: To create stimulating environments for language and social competence.
  • We emphasise the need for adults to meet the children with recognition and appreciation.
  • Non-student parents may apply, but children of students will be prioritised.


Lundevegen 63, 3800 Bø

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