Tip us and get cash!

Do you know a student who doesn't live in our student accommodations? If so, you now have the chance to supplement your student economy with some cash!

Sitat fra student om å bo i studentbolig

Each tip that results in a new, signed tenancy agreement leads to a reward of NOK 1500,-! There is no upper limit of how many tips you can send us, but to release the reward, your tip needs to result in a signed contract and thereby a new tenant.


  1. You can send us as many tips as you like!
  2. You get NOK 1500,- per signed contract that is based on your tips to us. Send the name of your fellow student/friend to: bolig@ssn.no (please use the topic "Tips").
  3. The new tenant must register and apply for housing on My Page, where he/she gives your name. The contract must be signed within 1 February 2020 for the reward to be released.
  4. The new tenant can not already be living in our accommodations or be in a process with SSN of doing so. The new tenant has to be able to document being a student.
  5. The campaign lasts until 1 February 2020, with reservations that we are out of vacant housing in the meantime.

There are many reasons why students thrive in our accommodations:

  • We do not require a deposit.
  • It is safe and social to live in student accommodation. You may make friends for life!
  • We have janitors affiliated with all our student housings, helping you out with both the little things and the more complicated ones, both in the common areas and in each housing unit.
  • Electricity is included in most of our accommodations, except in our familiy apartments.
  • We offer free internet connection.
  • Many of our housings are located close to campus.
  • As an ordinary tenant, you have only two months period of notice (three is the standard on the private market). International students receive contracts that can not be terminated, due to SSNs agreement with the University of South-Eastern Norway.

Good luck!