Coronavirus and SSN

We at SSN follow current infection control rules in all our areas of operation. It shall be safe to live, eat and exercise with us. We also encourage all our customers and residents to show consideration and help us all stay healthy.


The article is updated on 19.03.2021. There are continuous changes in SSN´s service offer due to the changes in the Covid-19 situation.

Follow the advice of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI):

The advice changes in line with increased information about the virus and its spread, and we recommend that everyone follows the updated advice from the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

If you cannot find answers to your questions on, you can telephone the information line: +47 815 55 015.


Content of this article:

If you suspect that you may be infected:

  • If you feel unwell, you should stay at home.
  • Helsenorge has made a Coronavirus Self-Checker with advice on what you should do if you suspect that you are infected with COVID-19. It's currently recommended that anyone with newly formed respiratory tract infection or other symptoms of COVID-19 is tested for coronavirus as soon as possible. It is free to test for corona.
  • See USNs list of test stations in the host municipalities (in Norgwegian only).
  • If you are sick and need medical attention or individual health counselling, contact your GP/doctor electronically or by telephone. Do not go to the GP/doctor’s office/emergency clinic without an appointment.
  • If you need urgent health assistance and cannot reach your doctor, you can call the emergency clinic 116 117It is of great importance that the emergency numbers lines are open to people in need of urgent help / are seriously ill.
  • Call 113 only when life is in danger.

If you have QUESTIONS about the coronavirus:

If you are in quarantine or infected and live in SSN’s student housing:

  • If you are confirmed to be infected by the virus or are in quarantine, please contact us by telephone: +47 31 00 90 00 

Are you in a risk group?

What measures is SSN taking in our areas of operations?

Our local service offices:

  • We update the opening hours of our service offices continuously as the situation changes. Sometimes we unfortunately have to close completely to visitors, but we are available digitally! Therefore, check the opening hours at the service office before you go out to visit us physically.
  • If you are going to pick up a key to the student housing at a service office that is closed, this will be agreed directly with you. Contact us if you lack an agreement / need to change your agreement:

The switch board is open as normal. We are not answering calls/e-mails during the weekend.


  • Increased cleaning has been implemented in our student housing, both weekdays and weekends. This involves disinfecting and cleaning in common areas.
  • We encourage an increased focus on hygiene, and have hung up FHI's advice on hand hygiene in our student accommodation and our local service offices.
  • Residents themselves are responsible for cleaning their apartments and communal kitchens.
  • Kitchens and toilets should be cleaned daily.
  • Read more about coronavirus and student accommodation.

Our eateries:

  • Many of our eateries are open, but with limited opening hours, while some of our eateries are temporary closed due to the latest measures for infection control. See the opening hours for the eateries.
  • All necessary infection control measures are in place with regard to disinfection, available antibac, distance marking on the floor and distance between tables / chairs.
  • If you choose to sit in the eatery to enjoy your meal, please register via the QR-code at the table in your eatery. This with regard to infection tracing.


SSN Health / our advice offer:


  • The kindergarten is open.


  • SSN's bookstores in Kongsberg, Ringerike and Vestfold follow the authorities' regulations regarding open shops. We update our opening hours continuously, so check these if you are unsure whether the bookstore is open.
  • We accept e-mail orders or orders via our web-form (only in Norwegian). You may choose to collect the items yourself at the store (we are available in the store even if we are to be closed at the time being, and will schedule the pick-up with you directly), or have them sent to your address. We offer shipping free of charge when you order a package with all the books in your syllabus (within Norway).

Questions and answers about the coronavirus and SSN´s services:

How does SSN prepare for possible infection in the student housing?

  • We follow the advice of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on habits that prevent infection.
  • It is the health service that is responsible for infected persons and considers health measures for fellow residents of the person infected. 

What about quarantine in shared student housing?

  • Home quarantine is applicable for those who do not have symptoms of covid-19, but have had close contact with a confirmed case or have been in areas with persistent infection with coronavirus. 
  • If a resident is quarantined in the student housing, we ask all residents to pay extra attention to frequent hand hygiene with soap and hot water, especially after toilet visits and before preparing food. Ensure that common areas are washed properly.
  • If you yourself are quarantined, you are advised to avoid close contact with others. It is every resident’s duty to ensure that the neighbors are informed about your status. We recommend you to start a group chat in a SoMe-channel (for instance Facebook Messenger) with the members of the "household", to keep each other updated in a safe way.
  • If you are in quarantine and order food or other items home-delivered, you your self must make sure to open the front doors and, if necessary, arrange for the food / goods to be placed outside your door.
  • If you live in a shared housing together with a person who is in quarantine, you can live as normal unless you develop symptoms such as fever or respiratory problems. In case of such symptoms, contact your GP or emergency clinic by telephone for assessment.

Read FHI's home quarantine information.

Overview of online shops offering home delivery of food to the various student cities in Southeast Norway.

What happens if residents in the student housing are diagnosed with infection?

  • SSN is in contact with the chief medical officers in the different municipalities in our region, and is prepared for the situation that residents of our housing may have infection confirmed.
  • In case of possible isolation of residents in shared housing, the municipal superior doctor in consultation with SSN will consider isolation of the entire shared housing until infection is detected / clarified and a new decision is made.
  • Any residents affected will receive the necessary information as quickly as possible.

Read FHI's information on isolation in the home with coronavirus.

Can I use the laundry facilities and common areas?

If you have been quarantined or have received other restrictions from the health authorities, you must take into account the requirements you are given and asked to respect. SSN cannot over prove the messages and regulations made by health authorities regarding quarantine handling and possible isolation. If the chief medical officers or the like instruct us to to shut down or change the use of our common areas, we will naturally respect this.