Infection control measurements in the student sports centre

Mon 17 Jan

Take care of yourself and others by following our infection control rules when you visit the student sports centre.

Please follow these guidelines when visiting us

Read this properly before visiting the centre:

  • Only work out if you are asymptomatic.

  • The maximum number of members at the same time in our premises is set to 5 people at Ringerike and 20 people in Vestfold.

  • Be considerate, keep distance in accordance with the government guidelines. 1 meter for moderate physical activity and 2 meters for hard physical activity and in the cardio zone.

  • Good hand hygiene - before, during and after training.

  • Good appliance and equipment hygiene. Remember to wash/dry equipments and touch points after use.

  • Remember indoor shoes.

  • Use towels during workouts.

  • Use your access card on arrival, do not enter other people on the same card. We must always have control over who is working out at the centre.

The locker rooms are open as usual.