Student housing and the coronavirus

Tue 04 Jan

Are you moving into or living in student accommodation? Then there are a few things to take into account with regard to the coronavirus.

In student accommodation there are a lot of people living close to each other. It is therefore VERY important that we all are vigilant and follow the infection control rules. Wash your hands and keep your distance.

Have you been abroad?

The current rules for entry to Norway can be found at NIPH.

You may move into your student accommodation even if you are in quarantine, but we ask that you contact us, so that we are aware of this.

Picking up keys

See the service offices’ opening hours.


We comply with the health authorities’ recommendations to limit social contact as far as possible outside households. Shared accommodation is considered to be a household, and this rule thus also applies to our shared accommodation. Do not invite guests for social gatherings in your bedsit/shared kitchen, and be sure to comply with the authorities’ restrictions.  

In case of infection in housing

In the event of infection cases in housing, we comply with the health authorities’ advice. It is important to remember that it is not we who take the decisions in these situations, but that our task is to maintain close contact with the chief municipal physician in the municipality and adhere to the advice and measures provided in each individual case.   

Have you been infected?

If you have been infected, it is important that you notify us out of consideration to your neighbours.

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