Get acquainted with the counselling service

By Katrine Hartmann Landaas 1. Nov 2021

Did you know that SSN offer mental health services to all their students? The cnversational therapy service is there for YOU – it is free and does not require any form of referral.

Student life challenges

I got to talk with conversational therapist Roy Madsen about what the service is and what types of challenges typically emerge in a conversation.
We met on Zoom because of the pandemic, and it was an engaged person who appeared on screen. We went straight to the point and my first question is what sorts of topics typically emerge during a first meeting.

- Motivation, breakups, anxiety, academic success, loneliness, and exams are some of the topics which often come up in meetings with students who utilise the service, Roy explains.

He continues:

- Additionally, some come by just to talk to someone external, someone with a duty of confidentiality. And that is something which all the conversational therapists and psychologists who work here have.

Big or small – or just someone to talk to

Roy explains on multiple occasions that you do not need to be struggling with “something serious” to contact the conversational therapy service. It is more than ok to “just” need someone to talk to. The service is available both for those who struggle with mental illness and those who do not, and of course, for those who are unsure if they do.

- It is important to address problems sooner rather than later. If you implement measures as soon as possible, they are much easier to deal with, Roy says.

SSN’s conversational therapy service can also refer to other parts of the health system, such as the District Psychiatric Centre (DPS). It is often much easier to get to the DPS through a referral from SSN’s services than it is privately, which sometimes require a long waiting period.

Short wait

If you would like an appointment with one of SSN’s psychologists or conversational therapists, SSN endeavours to offer as short a waiting period as possible, and aim to offer an appointment within two weeks. This is possible because SSN Health has good coverage in terms of number of employees per student, as well as a lower demand on health services than for example the Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo. This makes the waiting time shorter for the students belonging to SSN.

We conclude the interview by talking a bit about Roy’s perspective:

- It is fun to have such a rewarding job where you get to meet young people and make a difference.

SSN Health, the talk therapy service:

  • SSN offer conversational therapists and psychologists at all campuses.

  • The service is free of charge and confidential.

  • You make your own appointments. These can be in an office, digital, or walk ‘n’ talk. You can contact and schedule an appointment either online, by phone, or by coming by the office.

  • Most of the offices are open from 08:30 to 15:30 every day.

  • SSN Health arrange courses in which aim to make is easier to talk about mental health, called Tankevirus, multiple times each semester.

  • A service for anyone struggling with social anxiety will be offered from October 2021.

  • Read more or schedule an appointment with a psychologist or conversational therapist here.

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Katrine Hartmann Landaas

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